Fast and simple ways to deposit money

Receive salary through Übank account

You can use Übank account to receive salary following to these steps:

  1. Download the "Salary Account Transfer Registration Form" here
  2. Fill in the form and submit to your Human Resource department to receive monthly salary through Übank account

Please note that you have the right to choose your payroll account legally.

Transferring from other banks

You can transfer money to Übank from other banks by:

  1. Use available feature on Mobile Banking (application) or Internet Banking (website)
  2. Set schedule to transfer money to Übank account weekly or monthly

Discover how to schedule transfer money to Übank account here

Depositing from Cash Deposit Machine of VPBank

Find the nearest Cash Deposit Machine

You can deposit by the VPBank's Cash Deposit Machine nationally following to these steps:

  1. Put your debit card, choose language
  2. Enter your PIN number
  3. Choose "Deposit Money"
  4. Arrange the money neatly and put it in the receiving tray
  5. Confirm the transaction amount, select "Agree"
  6. Receive the invoice, card and complete the transaction

Depositing at VPBank branches

You can deposit money at VPBank branches following to these steps:

  1. Find the nearest VPBank branches here
  2. Visit the branch and request the teller for depositing money to Übank account
  3. Show your national ID and follow teller's instructions