Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How can I deposit money to my Übank account?
2. How much is the foreign exchange fee?
3. How much is the card annual fee?
4. How much is the fee for POS & E-commerce transaction by card?
5. How much is the fee for card issuance and re-issuance?
6. How can I change my PIN number?
7. Can I manage my card payment functions?
8. Can I lock my card temporarily?
9. Does Übank card support contactless payment?
10. How can I find the CVC in the mobile app for e-commerce spending?
11. Can I use the card oversea?
12. Can I deposit money to the card by Cash Deposit Machine?
13. What can I use my card for?
14. How do I activate my card?
15. How long will it take to receive my physical card?
16. How can I register and receive Übank card?