Open Übank salary account, get never-before benefits in Vietnam!

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Complementary insurance benefit

Receive free insurance package up to 100,000,000 VND/year from

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Financial support
x10 your salary

Financial support up to 10 times the salary
Flexible tenor from 1 to 36 months
Browse loan applications and disburse quickly
No procedures, no waiting

Unlimited cashback up to 1.2%

Cashback up to 1.2% for all transactions via Übank Debit Mastercard, 0.2% more than Übank standard account.

Automatically gets high saving interest +4.0%

Account automatically earns up to +4.0% without opening a saving book, 0.4% more than other Übank standard accounts.

Enjoy zero-fee services

  1. NO transfer and payment fees
  2. NO card maintenance and management fees
  3. NO cash top-up fee
  4. FREE processing of loan applications

* Some services have T&C applied. Click to see more here.

Open Übank salary account